Tips for well being while travelling

Thu, 01/09/2011 - 7:14pm
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Hitting the road and going on holiday is fun and sometimes in the anticipation and excitement of it all we can forget to look after ourselves. Travelling to different parts of the world could expose you to many things that could make you unwell but there are things you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick. Here are some tips to help make your travel experience healthier and happier.

Staying Healthy

Get lots of rest
Rest when you can while you’re away. Use every opportunity to catch up on your sleep - whilst on the plane or if you’re travelling by train. Get as many early nights as possible to prepare you for the next day’s sightseeing. Take a good pair of ear plugs or eye mask to help block out distractions.

Keep hydrated and avoid tap water

pouring water into a glass

Drink plenty of water on the plane while you're travelling to avoid dehydration. Also try to reduce drinking lots of caffeine or alcohol.

Always check if the water is drinkable out of the tap before drinking it.

• If not, take purification tablets or drink bottled water instead.
• Always check the seals on the bottled water before purchasing.
• If the water isn’t safe to drink from the tap, it can be a good idea to ask for no ice in your drinks as often the ice is made from tap water.
• Order cooked vegetables rather than salad as salads are often washed in tap water.

First Aid/ Preventative Medicine

First Aid Kit

Take a medical kit with basic essentials. Depending on where you’re going you might like to include: pain medication i.e. paracetamol, anti-diarrhoea tablets, insect repellent, plasters, bandage, personal medication, sunscreen, hand sanitizer etc

• Take multi vitamins if you’ve got a hectic travel schedule.
• Keep your hands clean, take anti-bacteria gel/spray.
• Carry a packet of tissues with you so you’re not caught short on toilet paper while travelling.
• Don't forget to take medicine to treat reactions if you have any allergies just to be on the safe side.

Consult your doctor and check if you require vaccinations for the destination you’re visiting before you go. Try and do this at least six weeks out from when you depart.

Food and Animals
When indulging in the local food, choose street vendors carefully. It is recommended not to eat meat from street vendors however ask other tourists which is a good vendor to try. Also do check before patting animals in foreign countries, especially in remote areas as animals may carry diseases such as rabies.

Skin Care
Take an all purpose cream that is good for dry skin for the plane or as a lip balm or as an antiseptic. You might want to get a great tan if you’re visiting a tropical place or beach but make sure you don’t burn. Take sunscreen with you and wear it everyday, even if it’s overcast.


Jandals - Footwear

Take a pair of jandals to wear in the shower if you’re using shared facilities such as backpackers. Also try and break in new shoes before you travel to avoid getting blisters.

Travel Insurance
Above all else, ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance before departing - Check your policy covers you from the day you purchase your travel, as opposed to your departure date. That way if you break your leg or fall ill and can’t travel, you’re covered.

Do you have any travel health tips or questions to share, tell us yours in our comments section.

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