Ultimate European plus Egypt(Multi Share,Start London, End London)


Departure dates

From 11/08/2021 to 01/10/2021

What's included

See Château Versailles (entrance not included)Enjoy a French picnic in the beautiful countryside of the Beaujolais wine regionFind your morning zen with some morning yoga on the lawns of our exclusive 16th century ChateauTake a traditional Motoscafo across the iconic lagoon to the island of VeniceSee the Bridge of Sighs, the Doge's Palace & St.
Mark's SquareSee Venice's iconic canals & gondolasLearn about Florence's leather craft with a demonstrationVisit Cairo MuseumSee the great pyramids and Sphinx in GizaSee the Aga Khan MausoleumSit back & chill as you drift down the Nile on a traditional felucca sailing boatVisit the ancient Valley of the Kings & get face to face with the pharaohs in EgyptThe Blue Mosque, the Galata Bridge, the Spice Markets - discover Istanbul with our expert local guideSee this pretty mountain region famous for adventure sports.
For 44 incredible nights, you'll be sleeping in some of the coolest and most diverse accommodation you'll ever encounter.
Spend 2 nights in Contiki's own French Château, 2 in our Austrian Gasthof, 2 in our Swiss Chalet, 6 in our cosy village cabins, 22 in hotels, 8 in funky hostels, 1 aboard a ferry and 1 on a sleeper train.
Wrap your taste buds around an abundance of scrumptious cuisines.
As well as favourites like hearty Italian pasta and Spanish paella, you'll also sample unique offerings like Serbian sour chicken soup and Egyptian ful medames.
Breakfast is on us every day, as well as 1 picnic lunch and 24 dinners.
A highly trained Trip Manager who brings your adventure to life.
An expert driver who knows foreign roads better than Google Maps.
Local Guides who make tourist traps a thing of the past.
This is your team.
Smart, friendly, fun, and integral to everything we do.

Itinerary / more information

  • Day Day 1 - London to Paris Welcome to the first day of the best trip of your life - we're calling it early! After a few pleasantries in London we'll get the show on the road with Paris in our sights.A few hours in and your jaws are on the floor already. These chalk cliffs that edge the English coastline are known as the White Cliffs of Dover, the first of many natural beauties we'll see on our trip.After we ferry across the English Channel for France we'll arrive in Calais, where we will take in the history of World War I battlefields in the Valley of the Somme.Kicking off night one, we arrive in none other than the lust-worthy Paris! It's straight down to business with a tour of the city lit up by the lights of night.
  • Day Day 2 - Paris Croissant in one hand, cappuccino in the other - this should be your signature look for the next few days. See Louis the XIV's favourite Palace of Versailles, then head back to Paris to window shop with wishful eyes, admire old world art works, & take in the iconic sites, you have plenty of time to fall head over heels for the city of love.
  • Day Day 3 - Paris Miss the Mona Lisa yesterday? Didn't get a chance to stroll the Seine river and watch artists brushing ballerinas on easels? Keen to pack a cheese picnic and sit near Montmartre for a new view on the city. Luckily for you Paris is still your oyster (or snail) - we're in no great hurry to move on from this bliss.
  • Day Day 5 - Beaujolais Wine Region Pinch yourself, this is another day at the Château & another chance to live your best French countryside life with a full day here in Beaujolais. Rise & shine with optional sunrise yoga on the sprawling lawn of the Château's gardens, relax in the courtyard with a coffee & croissant, or loll about poolside in our castle-like setting. Our highlight today is a picnic in the picturesque gardens. Cue panoramic views & red wine.
  • Day Day 6 - Beaujolais Wine Region to Barcelona Bye-bye Beaujolais! And hello Barcelona. The Pyrénées mountains will keep our eyes satisfied today as we roll across the border for Spain's most lively city. Each day as sweet as the last.Well would you look at that for timing, we've pulled into Barcelona just on sangria o'clock. Fate, you've done it again! Tapas and a night exploring the city should have us in the Spanish mood before we know it.
  • Day Day 7 - Barcelona Cobbled lanes of the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic hilltop vistas, & wild Spanish architecture will season our day to perfection. There's plenty of free time to roam free or take a dip in the Mediterranean sea, just don't tire yourself out - chances are you'll want to partake in the evening of Flamenco fun.
  • Day Day 10 - French Riviera to Venice Fragonard Perfumery in the French Riviera, now there's a place to check in on Facebook! And stock up on perfume, obviously. Especially given the greatly discounted prices and authenticity of buying in France. Today we say our farewells to the French Riviera and take our first jaunt into Italy. Pizza, pasta, & charming locals are just around the corner.The floating city of gondolas, canals and pretty bridges - what a splendid way to commence our Italian love affair. Rest up tonight, you'll want to be alert for tomorrow's magical agenda.
  • Day Day 11 - Venice Wake-up sleeping beauties! Venice is yours for the entirety of this glorious Italian day. We'll be jumping aboard our own private boat and hitting the canals en route to the historical heart of the city. A guided walking tour and a gondola ride are up for grabs, or you can always choose to get lost on your own and see where the maze takes you.
  • Day Day 13 - Florence Today is a perfect balance of guided wisdom and free time to roam. We'll uncover the beautiful art of traditional leather & explore streets bursting with heritage. Take to the local markets, down some gelato & make yourself known for the evening of optional festivities.
  • Day Day 14 - Florence to Rome Farewell Florence - today we have the epicenter of Italy on our horizons. Pizza, piazzas...we're coming in hot.When in Rome...take an optional guided tour of the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. Religious or not, the Vatican's Italian Renaissance church will send shivers down your spine.After our drift through the rustic Tuscan hillsides of cypress trees and glowing fields, we'll be back city side in the Italian capital of Rome. The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon & Piazza Navona are just some of the icons we'll be casting our eyes upon before the sun sets.
  • Day Day 15 - Rome When in Rome... This is the day to learn a thing or two about the Colosseum & do a bit of your own exploring. Espressos and people watching should be high priority, as well as stuffing yourself to the brim with pasta, gelato and caprese salad all washed down with a glass of red at a local trattoria.
  • Day Day 18 - Corfu Another day, another chance to get salty & eat a smorgasbord of feta, olives and grapevines stuffed with delectable rice. Our time in Corfu is a great way for everyone to try a bit of Greek dancing - why not give it a go at our Ionian Dinner?
  • Day Day 20 - Athens to Cairo This morning is ours to soak up the last few hours of Athens, before we swap one ancient city for another and jet plane it to Cairo.Landing in Cairo, we'll find a city of ornate mosques, sparkling skyscrapers & sprawling avenues of 19th-century faded grandeur awaiting us. Egypt's capital is full of energy, but we'll save the proper exploring for tomorrow. Tonight, how about a cruise on the Nile with a buffet dinner & show?
  • Day Day 21 - Cairo to Aswan Get ready for a sensory overload of the best possible variety. Markets & mayhem are on every corner, with stops for hummus and tea proving very essential.Of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World only one remains, and today you will be seeing it up close and personal. Get the tissues ready, seeing the iconic Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza in all their 4,600 year old glory will make for a day that stirs you to the very core.Tonight it's an overnight train to Aswan - nothing gives you a more up-close look at a place than riding local!
  • Day Day 22 - Aswan Today is all about the African vibes - how easy it is to forget that Egypt actually spans North Africa! Also in Aswan you'll be pleased to no end by colourful markets, bakeries & cafés. Walk along the Nile before we hop aboard a wooden felucca sailboat and float up to lush botanical gardens.
  • Day Day 23 - Aswan to Luxor Taking a flight over Abu Simbel's Temple of Ramses II, an Egyptian desert and Lake Nasser - now there's a way to spend a day. If that isn't quite enough, perhaps listening to some Nubian music, eating spicy tomato okra and enjoying the palm-fringed Nile will see you satisfied.After a few drinks with the team we'll continue our epic journey, following the yellow desert road to Luxor.
  • Day Day 24 - Luxor to Red Sea Only on a trip to Egypt would ancient royal tombs make a casual appearance on our daily agenda. Venturing to the Valley of the Kings known as 'City of the Dead,' our local guide will take us to some of the 63 royal tombs found here. Later, choose to visit the Temple of Karnak where we can find the world’s largest religious structure, the Temple of Amun.Across the Eastern Desert to the Red Sea Resort of Hurghada - tonight we are retracing ancient trade routes & getting in the mood for tomorrow's day of ocean magnificence.
  • Day Day 25 - Red Sea to Cairo No matter which choose-your-own-adventure path you take today, it's probably going to land you submerged in the sea and absorbing a good burst of Egyptian sunshine. If beach hangs aren't quite enough, take the optional cruise to the jaw dropping coral reefs of the Red Sea & see if that hits the spot.Back to where our Egyptian odyssey kicked off - the colourful city of Cairo. It's our last evening here before we head back to Europe and reconnect with the rest of the pack. Make the most of it.
  • Day Day 26 - Cairo to Athens That's it for Egypt, time to hit the skies and head back to Europe where another 19-days of endless extraordinary times are waiting for us.Oh hey Athens, it feels like forever since we last hung out! And same goes for our Contiki posse. Enjoy this reunion night then it's back on the road tomorrow - the good times never stop.
  • Day Day 30 - Istanbul The Blue Mosque with its interior of 20,000 handmade tiles; lively spice markets; bazaars bursting at the sides with silver & jewels. Istanbul is one place we'll really have to drag you away from. Our Local Guide will show you the hotspots, and you're always free to get lost and uncover some secrets of your own. Just be sure to find your way back if you're keen for the traditional Turkish evening with dinner and a show.
  • Day Day 31 - Istanbul A city like this needs more than a day on our calendar. Take in the sites you missed yesterday or if you're all explored out, go unwind at a "hammam" spa for a Turkish bath. Then drink endless tea and eat your body weight in baklava and you've had the full Turkey experience.
  • Day Day 32 - Istanbul to Sofia With Istanbul firmly imprinted in our hearts and minds, we can leave Turkey in search of Bulgaria's capital to see what all the fuss is about.Once a sleepy spot on the European map, Sofia is experiencing its own mini renaissance. The pretty streets, quirky galleries and hip locals are almost enough to distract you from the astounding Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
  • Day Day 33 - Sofia to Belgrade Sofia you were short and sweet, sometimes we gotta roll that way if we're going to see 17 countries in 45-days. Next stop: the capital of Serbia.Belgrade is a city of quirks and contradictions. One minute you'll be walking past an old communist building thinking the place is rather drab, the next minute you'll be sitting by an extravagant church sipping coffee with locals chatting philosophy hoping you never have to leave.
  • Day Day 34 - Belgrade to Budapest Though Belgrade will have well and truly warmed on you, perhaps so much so you feel a little toasted, the show must go on. Hiya Hungary!Fun fact #1: Buda and Pest are two different cities separated by a river, together they make Budapest. Fun fact #2: You're going to be head over heels with both of them by the time we scoot outta here. Down goulash and cabbage rolls on tonight's optional cruise to get into the Hungarian spirit of things.
  • Day Day 35 - Budapest Throw yourself into the sightseeing this morning with the church of St. Matthias, the Royal Palace and the Chain Bridge. That way you'll really earn an afternoon soaking in the cities famous outdoor thermal pools set amongst Art Nouveau architecture. Blissed out in Budapest - there's an insta caption for you.
  • Day Day 36 - Budapest to Vienna Under normal circumstances we'd all be devastated to be leaving Budapest. But with Austria on the horizon, it's smiles all round. Giddy up!Ah Vienna! We'll kick things off in this grand capital with a walking tour and explore the opulent classical architecture and wide streets. Summer evenings can be spent like a local, watching the sun set over the Donaukanal at a gorgeous beach bar.
  • Day Day 37 - Vienna to Austrian Tyrol From the bustling city to the open countryside. We’ll leave Vienna this morning in search of hills that are alive with the sound of music.Before we arrive in the blissful Alps, we make a sobering stop to remember the dark past and pay tribute at Mauthausen Concentration Camp memorial.2-nights at Contiki’s very own Austrian Gasthof (guest house) are coming right up. Tyrol will prove a haven for both adrenaline junkies and those in need of a bit of R&R after all the globe trotting we've been doing.
  • Day Day 38 - Austrian Tyrol Wake up, peel open your curtains, and take in the magnificence of your view...and your life in general. If you're feeling lively you can jump onto a bike tour through green mountains and waterfalls. If you're feeling really lively you can go tandem paragliding. Not so lively? Stroll around and take in the incredible setting; drink endless hot chocolate, go up a mountain in a gondola, carry on sighing with happiness.
  • Day Day 39 - Austrian Tyrol to Munich Polish off your stay in Austria with an optional whitewater rafting adventure - that should get the adrenaline pumping and excitement high for our impending visit to Germany.A city famous the world over for its annual beer festival is a city we need to know about. And luckily enough, its Bavarian culture is a year round attraction. You can explore the side streets of Munich on an optional bike tour, or go it on your own and see what you stumble upon.
  • Day Day 41 - Swiss Alps Open the window of your room & drink in the incredible view - if you can find words or photos that do it justice, we applaud you! Feel free to explore this classic European adventure town.
  • Day Day 44 - Amsterdam It's our last full day on tour & our last night to party up a storm with the squad. Use the day to explore quirky museums & sample the endless array of cuisines this city has on offer.
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